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Welcome to the future home of

Dan Horton Audio Restorations


Our focus is giving old high fidelity audio gear new life through frame off restorations with the option to modify for a higher level of performance  and reliability.

In most cases, performing “repairs” is no longer an option. Many vintage electronics are at the age where components are out of spec and failing, or will fail with continued use over the following months that you begin using. When you factor in the amount of work that must be done, and the value of high end vintage audio … restoration is the only option. Nobody wants to get a “repair” done in the pursuit to save money, and in the end have to pay for restoration. So it is always the first course of action. Vintage electronics is no longer the cheap way to enjoy music for many. Our goal is to help you enjoy high quality vintage electronics where you can more easily justify the real cost to bring back to life.

If you would like to talk to us about your audio restoration project, please text us at (503) 507-2565. We are located in Salem, Oregon.

Audio Brands that we repair

Accuphase, Adcom, Akai, Audio Research, B&K Sound, Carver, Denon, Dynaco, Hafler, Harman Kardon, Kenwood, Luxman, Marantz, McIntosh, Onkyo, Parasound, Pioneer, Sansui, Sonic Frontiers, Sony, Yamaha and more.